Whoever saves one life saves the World entire.


Miriam:Miriam connected with Let Them Live in the summer of 2019 as she was on her way to the local Planned Parenthood for an abortion. At the time, she was a single mom of 3 and pregnant with her fourth child. She was trying to finish school so she could get a better job to provide for her kids but was struggling to pay for food and her bills and thought that abortion was her only option.

Miriam was given money by the National Abortion Federation to have the abortion. They believed she couldn’t be successful without an abortion and saw her baby as disposable.

When Miriam called our President, Emily, she was assured that we would help her during and beyond her pregnancy journey with any of her financial needs. She cancelled her abortion and had her beautiful baby girl, Alexi, on March 8, 2020.

Emily flew out to visit Miriam and hold Alexi the day after she was born.