Whoever saves one life saves the World entire.


Tesla: Tesla was referred to us by a sidewalk counselor because she found herself pregnant at a time when she and her boyfriend both lost their jobs. They didn’t have any money saved up and could not afford to support the children they already had, let alone a new baby.

When we first reached out to Tesla to help her and offer our resources, she was not very responsive. She was scared and unsure that we would really be able to help her. We ran an emergency fundraiser to raise the necessary funds to help her and her family get back on their feet.

When Tesla saw the outpouring of support and love from our donors and supporters, she felt confident in cancelling her abortion. We were able to help her get her car fixed and pay her rent, utilities, and groceries throughout and after her pregnancy!
Her baby boy, Bryson, was born Arpil 3, 2020.