Celebrate Stephanie and Her 29th Birthday by Donating to Save a Life

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“I am so glad I had the support that gave me the strength to go through with my pregnancy”

Atoria, Mother’s Day 2020

A Note from Stephanie: 


This year I am donating my birthday, and honoring my daughter’s 1st, to raise awareness of a cause that is very close to my heart.  I have always known in my head and my heart that life begins at conception and that we--adults, citizens, and human beings--have a responsibility to love every life from conception through death. In addition, my first daughter turns 1 this month. There is something significant about celebrating her birthday as well as my journey of becoming a mother--from pregnancy through her first year outside the womb.



I feel a new enthusiasm to support and share organizations like Let Them Live who strive to give other women the opportunity to celebrate birthdays, life, and the gift of motherhood. Even when life comes as a surprise or brings about great challenges, we always have more to celebrate and so many reasons for hope.



After making a donation to support a young woman with a scheduled abortion, I received a surprise call from a mother, Atoria, who received support from Let Them Live and saved her son’s life. As I heard the story of the young mom, I learned that the Let Them Live team doesn't just use money to solve temporary problems. Rather, the financial gifts and support is a means to build relationship with at-risk mothers. Let Them Live offers hope, and its impact is tangible. There is no group like it.



Knowing that financial contributions are offered to women in collaboration with true charity and unconditional love, I have complete confidence my financial gift is multiplied through Let Them Live. In honor of my 29th birthday, please donate to help me raise $29,000 to save a mother and an innocent life.




Atoria and Kiahari's Story


Atoria was connected to Let Them Live in October of 2019 while she lived out of her car in California. She had a two-day abortion appointment scheduled and planned to commit suicide after the abortion. Our team deployed to California to meet Atoria and immediately offered her the community and life-saving resources which empowered Atoria to cancel her abortion. 



On March 2nd, 2020, Kiahari (pictured above) was born and has since become the light of Atoria’s life. With the assistance from the generous donors who were inspired by her cause, Atoria is in a position to fully provide for her son.



Today, Atoria is thriving as she offers her son the world and advocates on behalf of Let Them Live to save even more mothers in her position. 

About Let Them Live


73% of women have abortions due to financial burden. Let Them Live offers them financial assistance so they can choose life instead. No mom should have to choose between paying the bills or her unborn baby's life. With the support of the Let Them Live community, we have saved nearly 100 lives from abortion.



Let Them Live reduces the reliance on abortion by offering financial relief, counseling resources, and community.



*Each mother is vetted to determine the extent of need. Donors will be matched with a mom-in-need and updated on the mom and baby throughout and after the pregnancy.


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