Whoever saves one life saves the World entire.


What is the mission of Let Them Live?

73% of women have abortions due to financial burden. Let Them Live offers them financial support so that they can choose life instead.

How was Let Them Live founded?

Let Them Live was founded by Nathan and Emily Berning in 2019 because they were connected with an abortion-minded woman who was homeless because she couldn’t pay her bills. They emptied their bank account and gave her the financial assistance she needed to keep her baby. After saving her and her baby from abortion, they founded Let Them Live to help moms and give others the opportunity to experience the same joy that comes with saving a life.

How do you find the moms that Let Them Live helps?

Let Them Live moms are referred to us by partnered crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors, and members of the pro-life community.

How will my donation be used?

Let Them Live is passionately committed to financially supporting abortion-minded women so that they choose life. All donations we receive are used to accomplish this mission. Let Them Live’s programs are its top priority, and a majority of funds are directly applied to helping moms who need assistance now. A modest portion of funds are allocated to Let Them Live’s organizational costs so that lives may continue to be saved from abortion in the long term.

How do you ensure that donations aren’t used to get an abortion?

Let Them Live takes donation stewardship and integrity very seriously. Moms are never given direct cash support. All expenses are paid directly by Let Them Live. Additionally, each mom signs an agreement stating that she will not seek an abortion after accepting our assistance.

How long does support last? Do you help moms after the baby is born?

Our counselors work with each mom to create a financial plan that is specific to their own unique situation. Generally, the counselors are able to get the moms completely back on their feet during the last few months of their pregnancy. Our aim is to facilitate each mom’s financial stability and independence by the time her baby is born. While our financial assistance to a mom ends once she gives birth, Let Them Live is building and expanding volunteer-run programs to help moms secure ongoing community-based support.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Let Them Live Action Corporation is a registered 501(c)(3) approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity.

What is the vision of Let Them Live?

We envision a culture where women never feel like abortion is their only option simply because of their financial situation.

What kind of financial assistance does Let Them Live offer?

Let Them Live assistance is tailored directly to each individual mom’s circumstances. Generally, this includes paying for rent, utilities, car payments, gas, food, a baby registry, financial literacy classes, counseling, and assistance in finding full time employment.

How are you sure that the moms referred to you are pregnant?

We have an extensive verification process that includes regular ultrasounds from an affiliated crisis pregnancy center, a photocopy of her driver’s license, as well as over the phone and in-person meetings.

Why don’t these moms just adopt instead of abort?

CDC research shows that only 2% of abortion-minded women place their child up for adoption instead of having an abortion. While we offer to help with adoption for all of the moms we counsel, we’ve found that most abortion minded moms simply aren’t interested.

The vast majority of abortion minded women want to keep their child. The idea of giving the child she just carried for almost a year away to a stranger can seem worse than the alternative.

These women are perfectly capable of being good, loving mothers. They just need a little help after the father of the baby, friends and family sometimes unexpectedly abandons them or pressures them to abort. Sometimes, when adoption is suggested, the assumption is that abortion-minded women are incapable of parenting. Instead, we must empower her to be the best for her baby.

What happens if a mom gets an abortion after a fundraiser is filled?

We will refer her to post-abortive counseling, and the money raised will go to the next mom in need. You worked hard for the money that you have donated, and we take donation integrity and stewardship very seriously. No donations will ever be used to pay for an abortion.

Where can I find your financial information?

If you would like to see a copy of our most recent 990 financial form, please click the following link: 2020 IRS Form 990

If you have further questions about the 990, please email us at info@letthemlive.org