Whoever saves one life saves the World entire.


Kourtney: Kourtney an already single mother of two, found herself pregnant with a third baby and without support from the father. She was caught off guard when the father made it clear he would have nothing to do with her if she kept the baby. She was also worried about the judgement from her family and feared even telling them she was pregnant.

At 9 weeks along Kourtney had an out of state abortion pill appointment scheduled two weeks from reaching out to us. She did not want to choose abotion but saw no other option with dim hope that she could juggle three children alone.

When Kourtney reached out to us she was behind on her electric bill by two months but we were able to confidently agree to pay this bill for her as well as her other financial burdens to ensure she got back on her feet!! Her precious son Luka has blessed her life tremendously and we were able to provide her hope for a future because of LTL donations!!

Kourtney gave birth to her baby boy, Luka, on September 13, 2020.