Atoria's Story

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Atoria's Story:

Atoria was referred to Let Them Live by a sidewalk counselor who had convinced her to walk out of Planned Parenthood and cancel her abortion. At this time, she was 19 weeks pregnant and living in her car.

Soon after connecting with Atoria and telling her we could help her get into a proper living situation and get her back on her feet, we thought she was confident in choosing life. But just a few days later, Atoria told us that she rescheduled her appointment, a 2-day D&C abortion. She also told us that she was planning on committing suicide after the abortion.

The day that she told us, Emily and Nathan (LTL founders) flew out to Sacramento to be with her and show her she had love and support from Let Them Live. After spending time with Atoria, we were able to help her find a suitable place to live and get her back on her feet!

Her baby boy, Kiahari, was born on March 2, 2020. Emily and Nathan were in the hospital for his birth and were able to spend precious and memorable time with Atoria and Kiahari!

Pregnancy Counselor: Emily Berning

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First Contact
Welcome to the world, baby Kiahari!
Baby Kiahari's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Kiahari!

Unbroken Bond: Atoria's Story:

Atoria's Story

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