Belisa's Story

Meet Belisa's baby
Rosalinda Marie!
Belisa's Story:

Belisa worked hard to provide for her family and care for her sick mother. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic complicated matters and her employers let her go.

Shortly after starting a new job, Belisa was fired for calling in sick too often. Although, to her surprise, she wasn't sick. She was pregnant.

Belisa always wanted to be a mother, but she never expected to find herself pregnant in such unstable circumstances. How could she continue to support her family and care for a baby? Would she find a new job? Could she do this alone?

Due to the complexities of her situation, abortion seemed like her only option. Until she contacted Let Them Live. With the support of the Let Them Live team, and our generous donors, Belisa cancelled her abortion appointment and truly began the journey she always wanted to make.

Although she was thrilled to have chosen life, Belisa experienced a more trying pregnancy than she could have expected. In December of 2020, just five months before her due date, Belisa’s mother passed away.

Despite her heartache, Belisa persevered through her pregnancy, and inspired us all with the birth of her beautiful baby girl on May 27, 2021.

Named in honor of Belisa’s mother, we are pleased to introduce you to Rosalinda Marie.

Pregnancy Counselor: Lexi, Jess Meeth

Further updates on Belisa &
Rosalinda Marie
No further updates. Check back soon!
First Contact
Welcome to the world, baby Rosalinda Marie!
Baby Rosalinda Marie's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Rosalinda Marie!

Belisa's Story

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