Kristina's Story

Meet Kristina's baby
Kristina's Story:

Isolation takes its toll on a human spirit, but alienation can be even worse. The difference is slight, but important.
Isolation suggests physical distance between people. Alienation can exist between two people sitting next to each other on a bus. With isolation, the hope of human connection isn’t entertained. With alienation, that hope is battered again and again.
Alienation can be deadly and it gripped Kristina, a single mother of two, while she walked to her abortion appointment.
Three months prior, Kristina had lost her job and opportunities were slim for a woman in her situation. Kristina was undocumented and spoke very little English. To complicate matters further, she was living in an uncertain lease agreement, struggling to find work, and money was running out.
Barricaded behind the glass wall of her foreign language and lack of connections, Kristina saw abortion as her only option.
Then, just as Kristina reached Planned Parenthood’s door, a glimmer of hope emerged.
Luna*, a sidewalk counselor who spoke fluent Spanish, approached Kristina and offered to help her. For the first time in a long time, Kristina felt the gift of connection. Soon after, Luna connected Kristina to Let Them Live and a beautiful partnership was born.
Throughout her pregnancy Luna supported Kristina by driving her to doctors appointments and acting as a translator between Kristina and her Let Them Live counselor. Meanwhile, Let Them Live provided Kristina with the financial support she needed to stabilize her situation and prepare for her baby girl.
Through this experience, both Luna and Kristina’s lives were changed forever and on January 27th, 2022 baby Charlotte took her first breath, fulfilling our long awaited anticipations.

Further updates on Kristina &
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First Contact
Welcome to the world, baby Charlotte!
Baby Charlotte's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Charlotte!

Kristina's Story

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