Rikki's Story

Meet Rikki's baby
Rikki's Story:

Rikki, a single mother of one, found herself in a crisis pregnancy after being told she could no longer have children. Her and her boyfriend were very unstable and she had been recently laid off.

Rikki felt bringing another child into her situation was terrifying and wrong but she could not see another solution and decided against her heart’s desire, and scheduled a termination.

She came across LTL one night while on Facebook from her friend sharing a baby born post, and she knew it was divine intervention and a sign to reach out for help.

Although Rikki didn’t have high hopes she could be helped, she realized very quickly that LTL was an organization of their word.

Today Rikki will tell you because of your donations, LTL was able to give so much more than financial stability! And she cannot fathom not having Delilah!!

Rikki gave birth to her baby girl, Delilah, on November 3, 2020.

Pregnancy Counselor: Nichole Denny

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First Contact
Welcome to the world, baby Delilah!
Baby Delilah's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Delilah!

Rikki's Story

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