Saylor's Story

Meet Saylor's baby
Saylor's Story:

Baby Avila is alive today because of you!

Initially, Saylor was pleased by her pregnancy, but her pleasure quickly turned to pain when she discovered that her boyfriend did not share her excitement. He demanded she abort, so she decided to leave him. This left Saylor in a vulnerable position—she was now homeless.

The harsh reality of having no place to call home seeped into Saylor and she began to experience immense fear. Although she wanted to mother her new child, Saylor didn’t think she’d be a very good mom considering her unstable life.

Out of desperation, Saylor walked to a nearby abortion clinic. Within sight of their front door, a sidewalk advocate approached Saylor and listened to her story. She could tell that Saylor wanted to choose life, but didn’t know help was right around the corner—literally!

This sidewalk advocate escorted Saylor to a pregnancy resource center across the street, where they generously put her up in a hotel and referred her to us. Later that afternoon, Saylor reached out to Let Them Live and the rest is history.

The challenge of helping women in crisis pregnancies is great, but no challenge is too great when we work together. With your support we were able to get Saylor into an apartment and provide all of the items on her baby registry.

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Saylor was homeless and on the verge of aborting her baby. A sidewalk counselor convinced her to look for another way.

Welcome to the world, baby Avila!

Baby Avila arrived early! She and Saylor did great!

Baby Avila's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Avila!

Saylor's Story

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