Sidney's Story

Meet Sidney's baby
Sidney's Story:

Sydney was in college when she discovered she was pregnant with her third child. Had her circumstances been different, she would've welcomed her baby without hesitation; but she was a student with heavy financial needs. How could she finish school and support another child?

Her family felt similarly. They, too, feared for Sydney’s future and pressured her to abort.

Sydney scheduled an appointment at the clinic but, fearing she would regret it, she

didn’t show. Then, within a few weeks, her fears resurfaced, and she called the clinic again to schedule a second appointment.

At this point, Sydney’s boyfriend made it clear that he opposed the abortion, and they began to fight. She didn’t really want to abort, but she didn’t think she had any other option. Sydney was torn.

Then, she was referred to Let Them Live.

When Sydney reached out, she was connected with one of our counselors who encouraged her that she didn’t have to choose between paying her bills and her baby’s life. After a month of weighing her options, Sydney informed us that she was ready to accept our help.

Sydney's time of despair was over. With your support, her baby was guaranteed a chance to live and, on June 14th, 2021, Sydney gave birth to a beautiful boy named Liam.

Further updates on Sidney &
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First Contact
Welcome to the world, baby Liam!

Sydney had her baby boy! Liam weighed 8 lbs 9.6 oz and measured 21 inches. Everyone is happy, healthy, and adjusting well.

Baby Liam's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Liam!

Sidney's Story

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