Treena's Story

Meet Treena's baby
Treena's Story:

Meet baby Gene, another life saved thanks to our donors!

New to the United States and feeling like she had no support, Treena scheduled an abortion. She was barely making enough money for rent and didn’t know how she could support her baby without the support of the baby’s father and no family in the U.S. However, Treena was looking for a better life and the memories of her last abortion were still fresh. 

When she showed up to the abortion clinic, she was referred to LTL by a sidewalk counselor and decided to reach out and accept our help. With the support of her counselor, she was able to take on a job braiding hair and save some money for herself. 

Despite the many ups and downs of her pregnancy, Treena was able to confidently make the choice to keep her beautiful baby Gene born on September 26th and has since found so much more meaning in her life.

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First Contact

On her way into the abortion clinic, Treena was stopped by a sidewalk counselor. Because of that sidewalk counselor, she skipped her abortion appointment and contacted Let Them Live.
After connecting with one of our counselors, we found out that Treena had no family in the United States and the father of her baby wanted nothing to do with them. With no help and no support, she felt like abortion was her only choice.
We reassured Treena that we would be there for her emotionally and financially.

Welcome to the world, baby Gene!

Because of our amazing donors, we were able to do just that!
Treena welcomed her handsome son, Gene, on September 26th!

Baby Gene's 6 Month Update
Happy 1st birthday, Gene!

Treena's Story

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