URGENT: Annie, 6-months pregnant and trapped in an abusive relationship, coerced into planning abortion Oct. 10-11

“If I leave him then I have no way of taking care of myself, let alone the baby.”
- Annie
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Let Them Live is actively counseling a 6-months pregnant mom, “Annie”, who is trapped in an abusive relationship. The baby’s father has coerced Annie into planning a late-term, multi-day abortion. But together—with your support—we can help Annie escape abuse and choose life for her baby.*

When Annie saw two lines form in the window of her home pregnancy test, her heart raced with excitement. Due to persistent health problems that recently left her disabled, Annie never believed she could have a child. “At first, it felt like a miracle,” she reported to her LTL counselor.

But upon sharing the news with her boyfriend, Annie’s excitement at the thought of having a baby quickly turned to fear and horror. In that instant, everything about their relationship changed. The man whom she loved began screaming at Annie, belittling her, and threatening her. Above all, he demanded she get an abortion.

Initially, despite the bullying and abuse, Annie resisted. For months, she held out hope that her boyfriend would have a change of heart. But as the pregnancy progressed, his sickening behavior escalated and only became worse. He began making disturbing “jokes'' about Annie and her baby suffering physical harm. Despite having a steady job, he cut off financial support from Annie until she “gets rid of it”. Annie has been out of work due to her disability and has no family she can turn to.

So, terrified by her boyfriend’s escalating threats and the thought of raising a baby poor and alone, Annie finally caved. She made plans to get the abortion — which, at 6-months of pregnancy, is a grim, multiple-day procedure. 

But this does not have to be the end of Annie’s story. Deep down, Annie wants to choose life, but she feels it’s impossible. With your help, we can change that. Together, we can give Annie the love and support she so desperately needs. Together, we can help Annie rise above her circumstances, escape her boyfriend’s abuse, and say “no” to abortion. Together, we can prove to Annie that she and her baby are not alone.

Here are the expenses that LTL’s crisis pregnancy counselor identified for Annie to feel safe choosing life for her baby:
Housing + Utilities | Groceries | Pregnancy and job / financial counseling | Childcare | Prenatal Care | Medical Expenses | Baby Items
Please consider a donation of any amount, today, to help Annie choose life! Donors will receive updates on Annie and her baby throughout her pregnancy. With your support, we can prove to Annie that the precious child she’s carrying really is a miracle — a miracle worth fighting for.
Donate now to support Annie and her baby!
*Let Them Live ("LTL") is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the women whom we help. Some details of Annie's identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for her safety. LTL is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised for this mother will be used to support other moms in need and the general costs of LTL's mission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letthemlive.org.

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