URGENT: Single Mother With No Support Schedules Abortion for Monday, January 10th

“I have no one and I am so afraid to have this child.”
- Beth
$51,691 of $48,700 raised
UPDATE: Beth was in a car accident over the weekend and her car was totaled. Fortunately, Beth and her baby were not injured in the accident. She DID NOT go to her abortion today. However, due to losing her transportation to and from work, she is even more stressed now than ever and still strongly considering abortion. Her counselor is encouraging her to choose life, but we need your help. We would like to make a last minute appeal so we can buy Beth a car that she desperately needs. We’ve adjusted the fundraising goal to $48,700 to allow for $10,000 to buy a used car for Beth. Please donate so we can assist "Beth" with transportation and leave her some words of encouragement. She needs us now more than ever!

Let Them Live is actively counseling a 13-weeks pregnant mom, "Beth". She has an abortion scheduled for Monday, January 10th*.

We were put in touch with Beth, a 13-weeks pregnant mom, after she was referred to us by her close friend. Beth has an abortion scheduled for Monday, January 10th.

In her initial email, Beth shared that she has already made up her mind to have an abortion, but a friend encouraged her to contact Let Them Live before she makes a final decision. As soon as we received her email, Beth was immediately paired with her Let Them Live counselor.

As a single mom of two, Beth struggles to make ends meet. She works hard to provide for her family, but shared that it is difficult to balance her family  and financial responsibilities. Her and her children are currently in low-income housing and are struggling to afford groceries.

Previously, Beth managed to keep her head above water by leaning on her family for additional support. However, Beth lost all support in the past year after her mother was deported and her uncle passed away from COVID-19.

Beth came to us with grief and stress–feeling like she has no choice but to navigate her situation on her own. She is scared that abortion is the only solution, but we can give her hope.

Although we will never replace Beth’s family, together we can assure her that she is not alone. With your support, we can provide the emotional and financial assistance that Beth needs to persevere through this trying time and confidently choose life for her precious baby.

Here are the expenses that our crisis pregnancy counselor identified so that she can keep her baby:
Housing + Utilities | Groceries | Pregnancy and job / financial counseling | Prenatal Care | Car Payments
With your help, we can save her and her baby from abortion! Donors will receive updates on Beth and her baby throughout and after her pregnancy.
Donate now to support Beth and her baby!
*Let Them Live ("LTL") is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the women whom we help. Some details of Beth's identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for her safety. LTL is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised for this mother will be used to support other moms in need and the general costs of LTL's mission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letthemlive.org.

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