URGENT: Help Cali Cancel her May 10th Abortion and Choose Life

“Without financial support, my baby won’t have a chance.”
- Cali
$20,239 of $22,000 raised
Today, we share the heart-wrenching story of Cali, a courageous young mother, who is fighting for the life of her unborn child amidst a seemingly impossible situation. Cali is a dedicated mom of four beautiful children and works tirelessly at a hospital to provide for her family. However, when she discovered she was 9-weeks pregnant, her world turned upside down.*

The baby's father has a notorious history of neglecting his children and demanded she have an abortion when he discovered she was pregnant. To make matters worse, her workplace cast doubt on her ability to continue working while pregnant, and even her own mother urged her to end the pregnancy. Overwhelmed and feeling completely alone, Cali scheduled an abortion on Wednesday, May 10th.

But fate had other plans. After making the appointment, a compassionate pro-life sidewalk advocate saw Cali in tears outside of an abortion clinic and approached her. The two connected, and she was referred to Let Them Live. Our counselors began working with her, providing much-needed support and guidance.

Now, we need your help to make a real difference in Cali's life. She loves being a mom and dreams of escaping the toxic relationship she has with the baby's father, overcoming her financial challenges, and giving her unborn child a chance at life.

Here's how your donation will make an impact for Cali and her children:
Car Payments | Past-due Rent | Other Related Expenses
Please note that these expenses may be adjusted in the future based on additional needs during and after her pregnancy. Don't let Cali face this decision alone. Together, let's give her the hope and support she needs to make the right choice. Every dollar counts toward helping her choose life for her baby. When you donate, you'll receive updates on Cali and her baby's progress throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Together, we will help Cali cancel her abortion and find the brighter future that her family deserves!
Donate now to support Cali and her baby!
*Let Them Live ("LTL") is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the women whom we help. Some details of Cali's identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for her safety. LTL is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised for this mother will be used to support other moms in need and the general costs of LTL's mission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letthemlive.org.

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