URGENT: Pregnant from Rape, Charlotte Schedules a Late-Term, Two Day Abortion April 13th & 14th

“I don’t want to go through another trauma, but I am scared to choose life.”
- Charlotte
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Let Them Live is actively counseling a 23-weeks pregnant mom, "Charlotte". She has a two day, late term abortion scheduled April 13th & 14th.*

As a self-starter, Charlotte never faced a problem that she couldn’t find a solution to. She has always had an entrepreneurial drive, and rather than wait for opportunities, she creates them for herself.

But Charlotte’s World turned upside down when she was sexually assaulted after an average night out with friends. This event led to an onslaught of depression and nightmares, and Charlotte’s resilient spark began to fade. How could she create opportunity out of such horrific circumstances?

Then, she found out she was pregnant and she experienced a flash of hope.

Charlotte loves the idea of giving her younger siblings a little niece to run and play with, but she lives with her parents and is anxious about filling her already full house beyond capacity. Furthermore, she is unsure if now is a good time to be pregnant given the state of her mental health following her assault.

Now, Charlotte is torn. She faces a problem with two solutions, and is unsure of which to choose. 

Currently, she is leaning toward abortion– the shortsighted procedure that society sells as a “quick fix.” Although Charlotte knows, deep down, that an abortion will not eliminate her trauma, she is afraid of the challenges that may come with choosing life. 

Together, we can change that.

Here are the expenses that our crisis pregnancy counselor identified so that she can keep her baby:
Housing + Utilities | Transportation | Pregnancy and job / financial counseling | Childcare | Prenatal Care | Medical Expenses
By partnering with Let Them Live, you create the opportunity for Charlotte to choose motherhood. You allow us to walk with her on a healing journey to recover from her trauma.
Charlotte is a survivor, and with your help, her baby can be too!
*Let Them Live ("LTL") is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the women whom we help. Some details of Charlotte's identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for her safety. LTL is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised for this mother will be used to support other moms in need and the general costs of LTL's mission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letthemlive.org.

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