URGENT: Texas Teen Mother Orders Abortion Pills on Black Market

“I am really scared and don’t know how I can raise a child”
- Jenny
$37,115 of $48,000 raised
Let Them Live is actively counseling a 9-weeks pregnant mom, "Jenny". She has a chemical abortion scheduled for Friday, October 22nd*.

“Jenny” is 9 weeks pregnant and has ordered abortion pills off the black market out of desperation. According to the provider, she has until October 22nd before she is too far along in her pregnancy to take them. As a teenager with no support, she is convinced that a chemical abortion is her only hope

Jenny lived in a homeless shelter until recently, when she moved into an apartment to help take care of a sick relative. Food is scarce and they are lacking many essential items. She recently found a job but is on the verge of losing it due to a lack of transportation and necessary technology. 

Without a secure job, Jenny is frightened that she will be forced back into a shelter, leaving her relative without the support they need.

The father of the baby is currently unwilling to provide any support to Jenny or her family. She has just applied for WIC and food stamps and is waiting on both of those. 

Jenny has no idea how she will take care of herself, her relative, and her baby. She feels crippled by her financial situation on top of her countless responsibilities. All of this has been taking a significant emotional toll on her.

We are confident that with our financial and emotional assistance, Jenny will gain the courage she needs to choose life and throw her pills away. But we need your help. Together, we have the power to care for this desperate mom and save her child from a brutal fate.


Here are the expenses that our crisis pregnancy counselor identified so that she can keep her baby:
Housing + Utilities | Groceries | Transportation | Pregnancy and job / financial counseling | Childcare | Prenatal Care | Car Payments
With your help, we can save her and her baby from abortion! Donors will receive updates on Jenny and her baby throughout and after her pregnancy.
Donate now to support Jenny and her baby!
*Let Them Live ("LTL") is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the women whom we help. Some details of Jenny's identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for her safety. LTL is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised for this mother will be used to support other moms in need and the general costs of LTL's mission. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@letthemlive.org.

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