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Mom V's Story

Mom V is a mother of two that recently found out she is pregnant with her third child. Although she desperately wants to keep the baby and be the loving mother to this child that she already is, her closest family and friends have argued that abortion is the only ‘right’ choice. This response from Mom V’s only support network has made her feel incredibly alone and trapped, still knowing she wants to choose life but not sure how it can be made possible.

Mom V’s boyfriend recently began being physically violent and abusive alongside drinking heavily. His increasing outbursts caused the family’s babysitter to quit, forcing Mom V’s 16-year-old daughter to stay home from school to care for the youngest child while Mom V works. On top of this, her job has been increasingly stressful due to a lack of consistent and safe transportation.

Throughout our journey with Mom V, we have been greatly encouraged by her determination to provide for her growing family. She has been a passionate volunteer for various pro-life organizations, and we want to provide her the support that she so consistently gives others. We are dedicated to walking hand-in-hand with Mom V and enveloping her within the LTL family over these next few months. Most importantly, we want to clear a path for her to be able to fearlessly love and care for her family without feeling the weight of financial and emotional concerns.

Mom V's Financial Needs

  • Rent
  • Babysitting
  • Propane & gas

Mom V's Counseling Priorities

  • Empowering her to continue working to provide for her two kids
  • Cultivating a community that reassures her of her commitment to life
  • Helping her manage difficult relationships with her family and friends

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