Pro-life Spider-Man Fundraiser for Let Them Live

$13,508 of $27,500 raised

My name is Maison Deschamps (I.e: Pro-Life Spider-Man), and about a year ago I started climbing buildings to support pro-life charities like Let Them Live. On February 7th, 2023, I climbed the Chase building in Phoenix.

My goal with this climb is to raise awareness of Let Them Live, a charity that helps women cancel their abortions by providing financial support, and to raise funds for a mom named Hope, who has an abortion scheduled this Friday, February 10th.

In 73% of circumstances, women are choosing abortion because of financial burdens. Let Them Live raises money to relieve those burdens so women can choose life; women like Hope who are struggling to make ends meet and feel that abortion is their only option.

Hope is a young woman with a 22-week baby on the way. Her boyfriend is no longer part of the picture and she has no help from friends and family.

Hope reached out to numerous services for assistance with no luck. She suffers from multiple health problems that would severely limit her ability to be there for her baby, especially at night. Feeling the weight of all these financial, physical and emotional burdens, Hope scheduled a late-term abortion on February 10th. 

The vast majority of moms choose abortion because of the kind of financial and physical challenges that Hope is facing. But we can provide Hope overnight care assistance for the baby so that she doesn’t feel pressured to abort. Together, we can help her choose life!

Let Them Live will ensure she not only receives financial help, but emotional and financial counseling and coaching as well so she can choose life and successfully get back on her feet. The money I am raising is to cover overnight care for Hope’s baby, as well as any other expenses that she needs help with during her pregnancy.

Whatever the amount, your donation will ensure that Hope is given another option: choosing life with the support of the pro-life community!

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